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JOURNALING TECHNIQUES | November 30th @ 8:00pm CST & December 3rd @ 11:00am CST

  • 25 US dollars

Have you heard of a gratitude journal? Have you seen all those ready to fill in journals in bookstores or online? I am certain you have, however are you using them effectively and seeing results? If not, then join us! I will show you methods of rewarding and fruitful journaling as well as what to accompany journaling with to produce the results or feelings you desire. Please have an journal, any kind of journal and pen for this workshop. As with all our virtual workshops this one includes 2 time options, a guided meditation audio to keep, and the choice to join our follow-up Q&A session. JOURNALING TECHNIQUES is part of our Workshop Series and includes all the features of the workshop series; All members of your household can join with one sign up, cameras are not required, no need for a babysitter, commute, or parking spot! All workshops end with a relaxation session to drift off to. Thank you for joining us! An email with the workshop link will be sent out the morning of each workshop.



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