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POWERFUL VISION BOARDS | October 12th @ 8:00pm CST & October 15th @ 11:00am CST

  • 25 US dollars

Feeling Stuck? Staring at your vision board without seeing the manifestation? Asking yourself what even is a vision board? Learn evidence based ways that involve creation and intention to turn your dreams and desires into reality. Vision boards work, if the process is done properly. In this workshop we will not be actually creating a vision board due to timing and personal direction. This workshop prepares you to properly create one on your own time and includes all the elements to be success. As with all our virtual workshops this one includes 2 time options, a guided meditation audio to keep, and the choice to join our follow-up Q&A session. POWERFUL VISION BOARDS is part of our Workshop Series and includes all the features of the workshop series; All members of your household can join with one sign up, cameras are not required, no need for a babysitter, commute, or parking spot! All workshops end with a relaxation session to drift off to. Thank you for joining us! An email with the workshop link will be sent out the morning of each workshop.



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