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Our Story

Bloom Yoga Wellness

BLOOM is an online and mobile Yoga Wellness experience designed to help you live your most best life. We invite you to experience both virtual and in person therapies including: Yoga, Meditation, Breath Coaching, HeartMath, and more.

Are you ready to live more? Feel better? You can experience the same results I have offered hundreds of clients. I will meet you where you're at and together we will begin your transformation.

How I Help


Christie Bloom

When I was around eight years old, I felt different. I had an urging inside me that I could live a blissful life.

I had a whisper in my spirit that I could get what I wanted without money or material things…I set goals for attaining things and I experimented in having what I desired.

In time I realized the joy wasn’t about the stuff, it was about how it made you feel. I also discovered that I could choose to feel that way anytime I wanted to through simple practices of self awareness and I lived a wealthy childhood on a pauper’s  pay check.

As an adult I have been sharing these mindfulness practices in several strategic ways that I invite you to participate in.

Along with the certifications below, I am a 3x Yoga Studio Owner and Recipient of MindBody Online's Visionary Award 2018, a Wellness Industry Team Talent and Culture Lead, Corporate Wellness Speaker/Presenter, a Retreat Wellness Contributor, and a mother of 4.

The Bloom Philosophy

Yoga is the antidote to a life that feels like it is spinning out of control, a body that is in pain, a mind that feels scattered, overwhelmed or reaches for distractions. Small changes lead to big results and compound into a reality you want to live and feel. I teach simple yet effective ways to take back control of your day and your life. Applying the right techniques with consistency will change your life and in less time than you may think.

Core Values


Bloom Mission Statement

“To teach you something that will improve your life.”

My 'Why'

To make yoga accessible and attainable to all. To show you how yoga can work for you. My approach will meet you where you’re at and guide you where you want to go. My mission is to teach you something that will improve your life.


Rock Balancing

"You do not find the happy in life, you make it."

Camilla Eyring Kimball

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