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Why You Want to be Uncomfortable

Updated: Jan 10

Learn how to grow in the uncomfortable.

This was my fresh start. This was our family's chance to have much of what we had been dreaming about for years. We were walking into so much love and arms of welcome. Our hearts were coming home....and when we got there, I couldn't stop crying. I cried every morning and every night. I was so sad. I was so lost, I felt like I was grieving. Nothing was familiar in a place that felt familiar for years. I asked myself and my husband, what was this all for? Logically I knew what it was all for, we had a plan and it was a responsible and exciting plan. My heart was not liking this plan though. One day I had a moment when the light lit up and I knew right then what the reason was. Being pushed to a brink and held in an uncomfortable place was forging me into exactly the person I dreamed of becoming and had worked on becoming to attain the life I desired. The life I was trying to create and manifest while in survival mode, but it wasn't until I began breaking down all my walls that I realized I wasn't going to go anywhere until I changed my paradigm. This was a time in my life it was forced on me and I had no other choice.

The unknown, the scary, the sense of loss needed to be there to disrupt my patterns and conditioning of known....not better, not necessarily good, but known. In this moment I realized on one hand I had this intense desire for things in life, and on the other I had what was familiar, what was safe. As long as I stayed in the place of safe and familiar, I would go nowhere.

I believe being sustained in the uncomfortable was what changed my life. Here's why and more importantly, how to get through it:

Conditions create habits, an operating system within us. We have many many operating systems formed from conditioning and patterns mostly established when we were young. When these conditions are disturbed we are shifted to re-programming and creating new habits which establish new operating systems. Think of how you build muscle: you lift a weight, it may hurt, you'll want to give up, you'll want to focus on other things, you'll beg for it to be done. Yet as you are sustaining the lifting you are disturbing the muscle, literally tearing it up all for growth, to get to your desired goal. Ample science based evidence now shows us the same process happens within our brain, our neural network.

Not all conditioning is negative but you'll know when the negative ones exist because you'll feel stuck, lost, anxious.

How can you get through the painful transition and uncomfy place? Be carried safely to your desire without being affected by all the yucky that comes up? With a meditation and breath practice. Your breath (properly trained breath therapy) keeps you safe and meditation will create the new conditioning and patterns.

If you aren't actually going through an uncomfy time, but have a desire you want to manifest, you can simulate the uncomfy that is enough to cause disruption, through yoga. I show my clients how their patterns show up, how they may be escaping their patterns, how it doesn't have to feel yucky to sit with it all and finally, how to create exactly the patterns they want in their life to live a whole and fulfilled life.

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