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5 Things You May Be Doing That Weaken Your Resilience

Updated: Jan 10

Negativity does not naturally dwell in your mind and body. You have a bias for it and therefore it presents powerfully in your life. When negativity enters your thought patterns and consciousness, it sticks like Superglue. The negativity bias impacts basically your entire life. It impacts your choices, and creates a lens through which you see your world, and ultimately weakens your ability to withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions - the weakening of your resilience. This is merely a habit and habits can be changed under the right conditions and forces. In other words, a practice of self-awareness and mindfulness will allow you to bounce back far faster than before, or better yet, not even be affected by a situation to begin with.

Here are 5 things you may be doing right now that weaken your resilience.

1) You are tossing your power around like it were confetti! You, like everyone else, go on throughout your day spending and depositing your energy everywhere you go. Driving your kids to school or events, interacting and communicating, rushing to get a project in before the deadline, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, talking to customer service reps. Everytime it feels heavy, negative or you feel irritated, upset or overwhelmed you are depleting your own source of life, your own wonder you feel so tired at the end of the day! You rely on your own energy to power and sustain you throughout your day, did you even know how rapidly you were depleting it? Developing your self-awareness will show you the areas or times you are leaking energy. You can replenish it through self-care practices such as yoga, meditation or breath therapy.

2) Doubt infects you like a virus. When you hold a thought pattern in your mind, you hold that frequency/energy in your cells. A thought pattern of doubt cripples your ability to have awareness that your life is not happening to you, it is happening around you and you have the choice to change how you want to feel about it. Doubt clouds your viewpoint. In reality, something may be wonderful and good, but you can't see that. You have a lens of doubt on. If you are doubting the outcome of something, ask yourself, what percentage of certainty do you have that the doubtful outcome will actually happen? How can it possibly be more or less than if something amazing were to happen? Stop worrying or feeling doubtful. Replace those feelings with love....breathe in and say to yourself "I choose love".....breathe out and say to yourself " I choose love".

3) You are forgetting you already have everything you need. Really you do! You have your own choices to make at any moment and you have love. You may find that you use negative thought patterns such as self criticism, judgement, rehashing the past, and fear to cloud your innate and almighty capability to understand you don't need to earn anything or attain any certain level of achievement. It's already in you, you've already made it. You simply need to access it, tune into the frequency or feelings of gratitude and love and remember you are a human being not a human doing. Simply be, allow and watch abundance flow in.

4) Never forget to look for the good and look for the helpers. You can rewire your brain for positivity by simply having that perspective, again it comes down to choice. The more you focus on the good, see the good, look for the good, weed through all of the happenings in life to get to the good, the more the good will be there in your everyday life, this is science. Make this a fun challenge for yourself. When you are hit with adversity in your day, intentionally find at least one good thing in it. Even if it is something very small or simple such as being grateful that you were able to wake up and get out of bed this morning so you could witness this moment. Or perhaps be thankful this bad thing happened so you have the chance to practice this new perspective method.

5) Your heart may be closed or partially closed. This could be because you are currently experiencing fear or sadness, shame or guilt. All of these emotions have incredibly strong roots. They weaken your resilience and block intuition. What you are experiencing can be different from what you want to feel. You cannot control what you are experiencing, but you can control how you want to feel. If you want to experience a different existence or outcome, choose a different emotion to focus on. Choose love, choose appreciation, choose gratitude!

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