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Are You Holding On To0 Tight? How To Let It Go.

Updated: Jan 10

There is a practice that exists off your yoga mat. It is a practice of life, a practice to know happiness, contentment, joy, and peace. A practice to experience fulfillment and adventure. To reach freedom and hear wisdom. This practice happens through direction from the yamas and niyamas, personal restraints and personal practices.

Exploring these one by one, you grow to recognize the patterns that show up in your life, either good or bad. Developing the awareness is the important part. You start to see roadblocks and self sabotaging that you may be unconsciously setting up.

You may strive to establish a life where you want to be "in the flow". In this place, life feels at ease and joyous. The yamas and niyamas are your life road map to this place. Although you can not arrive there by striving or forcing. You will arrive there with awareness of how your life is unfolding today and notice how it all feels. beginning to see how you may be guided in certain areas and allowing all the feelings to arise. From this place you can choose to accept, let go, and choose better for yourself. Choose what you want to manifest in your life.

Aparigraha (non-possessiveness) is one of the yamas that invites you into finding freedom from the things and thoughts that hold you back, weigh you down, wear you out, leave you longing, pleading, and craving. As Deborah Adele describes it; "Aparigraha teaches us how to pack lightly for our journey."

Ask yourself, do I feel worn out? Do I feel as though I am in control of my own thoughts and things or does it feel as though they are controlling me? Maybe now is the time to start unpacking that overstuffed and cluttered suitcase.

What are you holding onto too tightly?

How easy is it to become attached to things or ideas, opinions, or judgements?

Do you feel like you are craving or forcing desires?

Your life suitcase is full of expectations, judgements, desires, attachments, criticisms, and opinions. These are heavy and exhausting to carry around day in and day out. They lead to energy leaks that leave you feeling drained.

Your life suitcase is also full of clinging onto good memories and cravings of experiencing those times again and again.

Give yourself some time over the next few days to evaluate what can be unloaded from your suitcase. Material things take up space in your home and environment that serve no positive purpose in your life, can they go? Thoughts, ideas, opinions, emotions that take up space in your mind and your soul, can they go? Release the maintenance routine that is attached to caring for the needs of these things and thoughts to allow yourself the sense of freedom. Even if it is only for a brief moment, one or two breaths. Just be sure to be in that moment fully.

Learn how to create your personal plan for letting go and manifesting what you want by booking your free consultation here;

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