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I Became Best Friends With My Future Self And Created The Life I Wanted Today

Updated: Jan 10

When I was a kid I had a huge imagination....I suppose I still do. Drifting off into worlds and experiences in my mind was the beginning of creating my own adventure and at the same time a refuge from the world I lived in but never felt like I fit into. I wouldn’t say I had one solid imaginary friend, but many, and many various identities or sidekicks I felt like I could relate to. This was the safest, most comfortable place for me to be. I knew this made me feel good, happy and it was an escape from the negative conditioning of bullies, teachers, and family & friends who may have meant well but had certain ideals that were conditioning me in a direction that felt icky for who I knew myself to be and left a lasting impact that would grow into limiting beliefs for me later in life. 

Many times my imagination carried me through really hard times and days, or gave me hope for what could come…it wasn’t my imagination, the stories I was creating though, it was the feelings that the stories generated in me. These feeling shifted the moments for me, allowed me to feel good, happy, hopeful. Back then I had no idea what was actually happening, just that it was. 

Towards the end of 2023 I began thinking about how carefree that always felt and even playful, easy, exciting, and as if I was in control of creating the life I wanted to live. When I let my imagination drift away while I was playing in my backyard, riding the school bus, or falling asleep, I was creating the existence I wanted, one I felt comfortable in, I felt I fit into. I was free and knew what my purpose and direction was. I began reflecting on how I amazed myself when I had grown up some about how much of what I was daydreaming about when I was younger was actually turning into my reality, and who I was and how I was acting. The results I accomplished look exactly or at least pretty darn close to what I had first imagined. I realized in a non special but life changing moment that….what if I applied that to my life today to get unstuck from where I’m at and collapse time in getting to where I desired to be…no not in instant gratification and the material into reality, but that oh so powerful feeling part that inevitably leads to the manifestation of the material aspect. So I decided to create the picture of my ideal future self in my mind and become best friends with her. I would get to know her, really really good….the best part was I could create exactly who I wanted her to be. I would look up to her. Ask her for direction of what I could do today to get us to where we will be in the future, that precise desired goal. I thought, really I have nothing to lose, absolutely nothing to lose, although some would consider it unconventional, this idea would have zero negative outcome in anyway. So I began to make choices and take action in the present moment of each day that my future self would love and appreciate. It was simple. All I had to do was create my future self in great detail and ask...... well what would I have to do today in both thought and action to get to that place in reality. You see feelings cause our mind to tell our  body to act. So holding the idea in my mind, generating the feelings in my heart and body would give me the exact experience I was seeking through the desire materializing, and as Deepak Chopra says..."What you truly desire isn't a thing, it is the feeling of fulfillment."

Before this I would spend so much time and effort in following other people’s ideas of what to do. I would put my trust in people I thought were connected with me in goals and progress and believed that they would follow through on promises they made to me, but never would. I was giving so much of my power away, so much! When I have myself as my best friend, guess what? I can completely trust and rely on her. I trust myself entirely to know what is best for me, not my family, my spouse, my teacher, my friends, or all those online Influencers, me and me alone. 

So ask yourself, what do you desire, what is your goal?..….business success, weight loss, relationship, better relationship with your kids, financial abundance, changing a habit...…write that story, paint that picture in your mind and then just become best friends with that person. Allow them to offer you guidance for today to take the aligned actions for the realization of your goal.

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