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2 Things to Do Today to Drastically Improve Your Life

Updated: Jan 10

Try these mindfulness tips out for a higher quality of life.

You like to idea of yoga, you've heard the great benefits, but do you have the time in your busy schedule? Time and motivation are the number one complaint I hear from my clients, friends and family. I have also seen that on the other side of a consistent practice, these things don't seem to matter or cause stress. In fact, many other aspects of their lives begin shedding the stressful feelings rapidly through practice.

We know about compound interest, investing, etc. You take a reasonable, comfortable amount of money and slowly overtime create an abundance. What if you thought of your energy, health, emotional well-being, mental state in the same way? What if you took small amounts of your effort and time on a consistent basis and turned that investment into an abundance of physical, emotional and mental well-being? You can and here's how....

I believe strongly in what I call rituals and routines. Here are two of my favorite ones you can try starting today.

  1. Your alarm goes off in the morning, you reach over and hit snooze. I know you are already doing that so let's now use that time to create the most incredible day, week, month, year. When your alarms goes off, stay lying in bed and close your eyes again. Inhale and exhale a couple of times and begin mentally walking through your day. Allow every aspect, encounter, appointment, meeting, conversation, etc. to happen exactly as you would want it to in your wildest dreams. Get elaborate, dream up the best outcomes, create the most amazing experiences in your mind.

  2. It's the end of your day and you are slipping into sleep. As you drift off, inhale and exhale a couple of times and say to yourself: "I deserve".... (choose whatever you truly desire). Repeat this a number of times as you fall into sleep.

With time and consistency, you will set your life on the path of your dreams. You will start to attract the affirmations and the manifesting will begin. If you'd like to set up a wellness session, please get in contact with me using the information below. Let's heal. Let's live more!

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